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Tania. 18. England.
Feminist. Pacifist. Teen Wolf Enthusiast.
I like cats, cute boys and couture.
I'm a budding art historian studying in the windy coasts of the Scottish Lowlands, patiently waiting for the moment in which Angelina Jolie and Tyler Hoechlin simultaneously realise that a three-way relationship with me is the only way to go.


"for every hour you spend in class, you should be spending three hours studying" how bout i take a nap instead


there’s a difference between character development and completely changing your character’s personalities with no explanation

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Fake Pockets: A How To





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In which Jaime required coffee in order to sit through the wedding vows. [x]


Did the Tyrells bring Starbucks to King’s Landing?

Jaime Lannister shows up 15 minutes late with Starbucks and a gold hand.

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i really hate it when im reading a book and i picture the whole setting in my head a certain way and then the author mentions something which completely messes up the way i view the room or scene like a door on the left side instead of right or like a window which is only small instead of ceiling to floor or areas and landscapes on the road like cmon now i have to completely renovate the land in my head 

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theres no cliche i love more than the ‘hate eachother at first - end up banging at the kitchen floor after months of pent up sexual frustration and passive aggressive innuendos’ cliche

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marvel meme | 2/7 relationships | the ot6

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Okay I know the time frame totally doesn’t work but- Imagine Draco Malfoy getting all puffed up and arrogant and starting to say “I don’t think my father-” and Harry slyly interjecting “-the inventor of toaster strudel-” “-would be too happy to-” and then stopping in confusion when Harry, Hermione, and every other Muggleborn in earshot start practically crying with laughter.

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